I.S.I.F. Today

When the company's non-competition period expired, I.S.I.F. has resumed its activity on national and international markets, both for the provision of Hot Tapping services and the development of innovative systems to improve operator safety and surpass the existing level of technology for the execution of Hot Tapping operations.

Since October 2018

I.S.I.F. patented and developed a new system, Sentinel, the first of its kind in the world for remote monitoring of the movements and life cycle of dilation compensators.

In 2019

I.S.I.F. patented and developed a new series of fittings for Hot Tapping operations that are compatible with all types of equipment available in the market.

In 2019

I.S.I.F. initiated the development of technology that will bring a radical revolution to the world of Hot Tapping in terms of how plugging systems have been understood up to now.

In 2019

I.S.I.F. is an Italian company that has chosen the innovation of systems for the Oil & Gas industry as its core business for the future.


I.S.I.F. has conducted Hot Tapping and Drilling operations all over Europe on numerous types of fluid distribution pipelines.