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Sentinel is a purpose engineered system for remote monitoring of expansion compensators (joint/bellows) and of the static stability of structures, buildings.

Sentinel is available in two different versions:

  • The first one is designed for complete monitoring of axial movements.
  • The second one is designed for complete monitoring of the 6 spatial movements.

The version enabling complete visualisation of all of the 6 movements in space, makes it possible to visualise the movements of the monitored element on the interface page by means of two three-dimensional active images, one of which represents the position of the monitored element/component at the moment of its installation, whereas a semi-transparent image represents its ongoing expansion.

Sentinel is also a key system to control expansion compensators installed underwater up to a 100 m depth.

active on italian territory

  • The SENTINEL system has already been installed on the whole of the Italian territory to control expansion compensators.

  • SENTINEL offers the possibility to perform a real-time and constant check as regards the static stability of structures and buildings.

  • Any company dealing with the management of important infrastructures is aware of the most critical areas concerning its plants, such as for example in case of geologically unstable areas, or areas subject to landslide hazard.

  • SENTINEL offers a 24H monitoring system of plants or structures/buildings through a simple smartphone.

various fields of application

Thanks to its ability to monitor torsions, elongations, extensions and compressions, Sentinel is the ideal device for several application and use fields.

Sentinel controls the movements and life-cycle of components, the duration of which depends on a precise number of movements. Sentinel is an essential control device for remote monitoring of expansion compensators.

Sentinel can perform a real-time and constant check on the static stability of obsolete buildings or structures subject to stress due to weather conditions, geological, thermal/temperature conditions, or on precarious and unstable structures, bridges, viaducts, flyovers, structures/buildings, which are necessary to ensure proper functioning of cable or funicular railways, as well as dams. Any structure with an important operating life-cycle needs to be constantly and carefully monitored.

By eliminating physical site inspections, Sentinel represents a paramount opportunity to spare money and to reduce polluting gas emissions into the atmosphere.

Sentinel represents a technological improvement opportunity for future oriented companies.